Efficient turnovers can be critical to annual returns, especially if your property is in the student housing category (which generally turnover more frequently than others). After the tenant moves out we perform an inspection of every room and make notes with photos and put them in a report. Because of our documentation, our clients can often recoup some of the costs associated with the turnover via the tenant’s security deposit. If a house is left with furniture, kitchenware, grills, trash, etc, then we have crews that haul that off. We also have make-ready crews that address damaged items or deferred maintenance items. We also have multiple cleaning crews. Prior to new tenants moving in, we perform another inspection and put it into a report with photos so that if there is any damage beyond normal wear by the subsequent tenant, we will have an accurate record to hold them accountable. Lastly, after a new tenant takes possession of the property, we have crews to address any punch list items that may not have been addressed prior to move-in.

On occasions, the process noted above is performed within a 24-hour period. The turnover process is NOT for the faint of heart and without proper scaling can be overwhelming for the DIY. This is a process that we perform hundreds of times from mid-May thru August every year.

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