Eviction Protection

Evicting a tenant can be very costly (unpaid rent, attorney fees, court/filing fees, time, etc.). There are many steps that have to be taken in order to evict a tenant. If these steps are missed or not completed in the proper order, then the tenant that breached the lease agreement could be allowed to stay in the property even longer, waiting to be forcibly evicted. While this process can be done without an attorney, we have found that it is best to utilize one. However, the cost of an attorney has always been an issue. In working with an attorney that is also a licensed agent in our office, we have developed an eviction protection plan that helps mitigate the financial burden and stress related to an eviction. If an owner decides to take advantage of this plan, a per property nominal annual fee will be paid to the attorney. In the event you have an eviction, the fee will cover all your attorney fees in the eviction process (you will still incur court and filing fees). Most of our tenants fulfill their lease requirements but there is always an exception or two. With our eviction protection plan it is now economically feasible to not only let the attorney oversee the process to make sure everything is done correctly, but to also seek a judgment against the tenant if needed.

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