About Us

Experience and expertise never go out of style. Tech Terrace Real Estate is dedicated to serving our clients with the highest level of expertise that is available in this market. John Winker & Shawn Cannon have experience and expertise that extends well beyond that of any other professional that may serve our market. In addition to the typical credentials, licenses and designations that have been earned, John and Shawn have been active buyers, sellers, and managers of hundreds of houses. They don’t just talk and promote. They walk the walk and have helped clients increase their portfolios. In addition, every single manager and sales agent in our office has purchased and managed their own rentals as well. Leveraging off of our experience is a great benefit for our clients.

Whether we are providing support to the office staff, maintenance staff, contractors, tenants, investors, neighborhood association, clients, etc., you can be assured that we have an active presence in the market 24/7/365. Whether you are buying, selling or need property management services in Lubbock, Tech Terrace Real Estate can provide the value you deserve.

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