Invest in Lubbock Real Estate

We buy houses. We sell houses. We help other investors buy and sell their houses.

Whether you want to buy or sell 1 to 2 houses or larger portfolios of houses, we can help. How are we different than the other agents? Well, first of all we put our money where our mouths are...every single property manager and sales agent in our office own houses as part of their investment portfolio. This added experience and insight as owners/investors aids our clients in making sound decisions.

Since we are often the company chosen to manage the house(s) after a purchase or sale, any of your problems could become our problems. So we have incentive to help you make the best decisions. Our interest goes beyond a sales commission...our interests are aligned with your interests.

Many agents and investors have had mutually poor experiences due to their unreasonable expectations. Most agents are only involved in single-property transactions. It is not uncommon for us to facilitate multi-property transactions at once since many investors don’t have the interest in just picking up one at a time. Most real estate agents are seldom trained to serve investors and thus misinterpret investor due diligence for indecision, especially when they present "listed" properties that do not meet investment fundamentals. We have the experience to know that a true investor cannot be treated like a traditional homebuyer. We can advise you on every aspect of the business including acquisition, sale, leasing, management, debt structure, maintenance, remodels, etc.

We’re Local. Not a franchisee. We Live here. We Work here. We Invest here. Our roots here run deep and wide. Whether you are the "hands on" type that wants to use the plunger and write the checks yourself or are the "hands off" type that wants "mailbox money" or somewhere in between the two, we can help. Contact us to learn more about current investment opportunities.

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