Marketing The Property

In addition to our website, we use a number of social media sites/tools. Also, our software automatically populates a variety of other rental sites that we feel are worthy of populating (i.e. Zillow, Trulia and a few others...Craigslist, uh no!). The branding that we have developed with our low profile signage has been so successful that copy cats have at times actually stolen our logo, variations of our name, and our signs...the copy catters flatter us, but they never last very long and when our signs are hanging in peoples houses and garages they are still advertising for us! Our promotional T-shirts have been so popular that we have people actually buy them and we see shirts around town that we printed 10 years ago.

And best of all, our reputation for doing things right and doing the right thing has resulted with great word-of-mouth marketing. Our marketing plans and strategies have served our clients well.

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